Saturday’s are for???


Dear Dairy,

Saturday’s are for??? That is the question I posed to the Authorities.. I say Saturday’s are for unlimited naps, sniffs in hood and treats… However she had another idea…

~~Songs—Shake it shake it like a dirty rug… Play that funky music 🎵 MadMax and the best or worst is Clean up Clean up your Crate Max.. why must I deal with this craziness….

Well she does she good pets and treats. She lets me FaceTime with the Girl and the best is she lets me drive… I ❤️ to drive.

I will put up with her crazy songs and crazy dances as long as I can nap and sniff later…..😴😴

Off to check on her progress so I can napzzz

Later Tater

Love MadMax 🐶🐶🐾🐾😴😴🎵🎵


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