Hello Uncle Ricky…

Dear Diary,
You know the saying SSDD. You guessed it–authorities plus rope thingy equals tortuous walk. “Good” for my ❤️ crap again. When well she ever learn. I am MadMax and what I say goes…. (not really- can’t make her too mad. No treats or packet food if that happens). So back to the walk. Same stretch of road, same time but it’s a different day with different smells and treasures. And of course I found one. Put that darn thing in my mouth and walked a half of a mile before she let me lead. And off we go to Uncle Ricky’s shop. I must show him. Hello Uncle Ricky… where are you?!?! That’s fine. It has been buried in a secure location for me to show him next time. Off to ponder this “good” for my ❤️ thing!
Later Tater
Love MadMax 🐾🐾🐶🐶👟👟❤️❤️

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