I sorry Momma


Dear Diary, 

I sorry 😐 Momma for chasing a critter at 3 o’clock this morning while you was putting your luncheon sack in the car. I sorry 😐 Momma that I didn’t come back when you called for me. I sorry 😐 Momma that you had to chase me to Myrna’s yard and put the rope thingy on me and drag me home 🏑. I was saddened πŸ˜ͺwhen you put me in the house 🏑 without a treat… I promise Momma that I won’t do it again (paws crossed cuz between you, me and the gate post, I will damn sure chase a critter again) I ❀️️you Momma. Can I have some of your lunch pease!!!!!

Love Mad Max 🐾🐾🐾


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