The Purge


Dear Diary,

Well I am not sure what got into the authorities but since Wednesday she has been purging (whatever that is). Things have been moved, things have showed up that I barked at and things that went into the four wheel walker. Lord it has been a busy time. Well this morning she found pictures of other 🐶 dogs but not as superior as I Mad Max!!!!

She said the blonde thing is Darlene’s Darling Duchess (Grandma’s dog), the small black thing is Milo aka Mo( he ate the Girls binkies when she was a wee one) and the tall black one is Crickett (what kind of name is that and I heard she liked to roll in cow 🐮💩). I guess that it was ok that the Authorities knew these other 🐶 because now she takes great care of me. Lessons learned from them. 

I must sleep now 😴😴😴The authorities has sat down for a bit!!

Love Mad Max🐾🐾🐾


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