Sunday Funday my butt~~


Dear Diary,

The morning started terrific cuz we had cookies 🍪 for breakfast and I seen the girl. She came over and got the authorities to go shopping (hopefully I get some kibble or bacon). While they are gone I walked the inside perimeter of the crate and napped!!! I was so glad to see them when they got home. I was in my yard minding my own business and out of nowhere this thing. This gold medal for yapping dog 🐶 thing named BUTTERSCOTCH HUGHES ran through yard over the drive way and nipped my bottom. Well I turned tail and chased him and nipped his bottom. The wall will be going up tomorrow Tim Logan!!!!

So I had to go in  and rest for a little bit this afternoon after all that drama. 

Next the authorities and I are coming from my perimeter check of the yard this evening and I decided to go visit with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Tim and I see this thing in the dining room. I turned tail (like scooby Doo) and run to the garage and bark. And bark and bark some more. WHAT THE FUT did Uncle Tim buy!!! It has went up to the top of my list of things I am scared 😳 of….

I must go with the authorities to batcave for a bit…


Love MadMax🐾🐾🐾


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