Swimming Hole


Dear Dairy, 

Well the authorities decided we needed to walk. Seriously I have been so busy today…Napping takes it out of a dog😴😴. So we go to the park so I can be a free range Max. I just love running around and sniffing everything…I am so good for 5 minutes. Then I want to go to the car…but Noooo, the authorities kept on going. Then in the middle of me trying to go the car, I see it. The biggest swimming hole. I thought well I will take a quick dip while she continues to walk. But Nooooo. She caught me. She Yelled..No Max No!!! I thought she said Go Max Go!!!. Long story short. She Won!! I didn’t get to check out the swimming hole. She said it was gross! I say who cares!! Back to pacing and waiting for her to be done walking..Authorities 1-Max and swimming hole 0!!


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