Grilling day!!!


Dear Diary,

The Authories decided it was the perfect day to grill me up some food. Oops I meant her but she is the weak link and I will get her tasty delights. So here I am on the deck guarding the tasty delights while they cook. She thinks I am napping but really am in napping disguise!! Later–I must continue my watch..

Love Mad Max🐾🐾🌭🌭



I ❤️ Popcorn 


Dear Diary,

I ❤️ popcorn. The authorities will pop some and we set in the new throne and eat it… This should make me Uncle Rick’s favorite!!!

Love Mad Max 🐾🐾🐾

Magic box of food!!!


Dear Diary,

The authorities is not earning kibble money today but that’s ok since I am setting in front of the magic box of food. The authorities opens it up and my green beans and hot dogs wander out. It is the most glorious thing ever. Sometimes the authorities brings out other delish treats but my favorites are the green beans and hot dogs. If I lay here guarding the magic box I know my favs will be delivered to me in my green bowl that was Grandma Darlene’s. 

You can find me waiting patiently!!

Love Mad Max 🐾🐾🐾🍲🍲🍲


My new Throne


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was an awesome day!! I got a new throne. The authorities thinks it is hers but she is sadly mistaken. I would like to thank my peasant helpers Uncle Tim , Jason and Philip Hilker for moving to my room so I can judge the authorities and nap!!! Must nap 💤💤then judge!

Love Mad Max🐾🐾🐾


Nurse Maid Max


Dear Diary,

I am exhausted💤💤. I had to play nurse maid to the authorities. Sure hope goes back to work on Wednesday so I can get my handsome sleeps and she earn money for my kibble. That’s why I keep her around for kibble and belly rubs too. 


Love Mad Max🐾🐾💤💤😷😷




Dear Diary,

The authorities have returned home from her adventures and now we are having time in the chair. I have a blankey and I am napping. 


Love Mad Max 🐾🐾💤💤


Because I am fur less 


Dear Diary,

The authorities had to cover me up this afternoon because my teeth started chattering. Do you know why??? BECAUSE I AM FUR LESS!!!! Please keep me in your warm hearts❤️❤️❤️

Love Mad Max 🐾🐾🐾💓💓