Crisp Morning 


Dear Dairy, I don’t understand what is up with the upstairs authorities. They see that all my furs have been cut off-I do enjoy a nice bath as long as the authorities don’t give it to me. I leave that up to my friend Michelle at Tails West. And that is the only reason I like that place. Doc Case and his staff are nice but they need to stay away from me with those skinny shinny pokey things-Sorry about that-back to the Upstairs Authorities- they have this magic box all the wall that they can push a button and the perfect warm air will come out and they haven’t. Sometimes they expect me to lay in front of their heating flame thing in the corner but I say Nay Nay. I don’t like it. I am not old like my sister Remmee Girl. She loved it. I do miss her but don’t tell the authorities. 

Well now I have to snuggle with anything that will keep me warm. But only on my terms. I had to make my mom authorities move in her big soft box this morning so I could take up all the room. Bahahaha. So I must work on the upstairs authorities and see how this plays out!! Stay tuned. 

Love Mad Max🐾🐾 



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